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10 OCT 2005
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Kickchat.com is an IRC Network that has been around since late 2000. Being a single channel it has now developed to a popular place for chatters that just simply want to enjoy themselves. Kickchat’s aim has always been to provide a nice and peaceful atmosphere for all age groups and we enjoy building our community.  There is no restrictions in users sharing information through chat. People chat on Topics  like Services, Shells, Hosting, Supplies, Trade, Buying, Selling and many more. In recent days, people show interest to share trendy apps that leads  to success paths. Crypto bank opinie 2021 reviews is on trending now.

A fast 100M/bit direct connection provides top connection speeds that guarantee top availability and a good backbone for all your needs while Debian Linux’ security provides the protection we need. Fast connection and security are important for online casinos too. Gamblers may visit https://www.wette.de/online-casino/live/ to find the best online live casinos.

The chat service on our network is free of any charge and our staff will support you in most questions. However, we do not like spam, advertisement or any other kind of misbehaviour on our network. If you want to check the rules before you continue the exploration of this site, then please click here.

Furthermore without specifical written consent of the authors of Kickchat.com and it’s contents you are not allowed to use any part of Kickchat.com for your own purposes. That includes images of any kind, written information as well as web scripts and any sort of webcode.

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