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10 OCT 2005
1105 PM

In September 2000 I started chatting and instantly loved it. It opened a new world with so much to learn. I went from Java to Java totally unaware of mIRC, IRC etc. I met a friend who introduced me to another server and other chatters where I day by day explored and learnt more sometimes surprising myself. I was a regular chatter and would sit back and think how I would love to have the job of an oper – yet still so new and scared of it all. In time i learned that the fear to try was my worst enemy and that I had to overcome those fears.

In November 2000 I had a website made by a good friend and we started with a #kickchat channel on a server. The name Kickchat is related to kickboxing which was a hobby of my children. However, there were many problems that occured at the beginning. Many, many problems with connections, netsplits and attacks to the network. I eventually moved and found similar difficulties and there was never anyone there to help sort problems out as they occured. No Administrators or IRCOps. At this point in February-March 2001 I finally decided to get my own shell. With help from a few close friends and a lot of tech knowledge. We became a team. A team that is still together after over 2 years and dedicated to Kickchat.

In February 2002 – after continuous problems with the previous shell provider and their extremely money grabbing attitude, even for smaller enquireries we decided that first of all Kickchat had come to basically a dead end. We continued to build it and users were coming and we also managed a lot of problems and technical difficulties, but we felt we could do more. So we decided – as also Dopefish was starting to work on our own Kickchat IRC Services – to get our own dedicated servers, to be more flexible, to be able to see to security ourselves and just to be able to make Kickchat continue the way we always wanted it. A userfriendly chat environment, based on good services.

As it is with all IRC Networks, you can never please everyone and nothing goes without trouble. However, we have doubled our user amount within 1 year. We had about 90 users at the end of 2001. Now – at the end of 2002 – we had a user maximum of 195. For a server on it’s own, without links or file servers so far that is not a bad average. And clones are hardly possible as well due to our services settings. We try to make the chat secure, therefore a proxy scanner was added to our services as well.

What I would say makes Kickchat special is that we do what we do with dedication to it and out of love to it. Unfortunately script kiddies and wannabe-hackers that believe IRC is one big war zone sometimes take your attention away from what chat really is about – meeting people, getting to know new cultures and societies and having fun. Well, as a user keep in mind that you are treated as you treat others. That means we are a userfriendly, supporting network and we treat everyone fair. All we expect is friendlyness, fairness and acceptance of a few network rules – that – given a few thoughts are far from being unfair.

Enjoy your stay on this website or in chat.

Julie Reeves, JS. "Operator" Dahmen

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