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10 OCT 2005
1105 PM

Kickchat.com staff offers the best service possible and works hard to guarantee a smooth and peaceful operation of the servers. If you as a user are being harassed by someone or if any abuse happens feel free to contact one of us. You may also send an eMail to [email protected] in such a case.
Nick: Julie
A/S/L: 39/female/UK
Position: Owner/Network Admin
Simply said: She owns the Kickchat servers. She’s just cool. She does a lot to make Kickchat a success. You can’t miss her, shes on 24/7. Only AOHell or the need to sleep can keep her away from Kickchat! One of the party animals at #kickchat and a caring person if you let her 🙂 … "how you feeling? hot hot hot" … she moves, she moves … she looks like a flower but she’s gonna whip your ass if you don’t behave 😉
Nick: Dopefish
A/S/L: 20/male/Germany
Position: Tech Admin

One of his names is Pascal and that’s exactly what he is. He knows C++ code better than others their pockets and looks to ensure that everything works as intended. Be careful… can get militant against Bill and Windows ;).

Nick: Mel
A/S/L: 19/female/UK
Position: IRC Operator

She is a nice and caring person and a total car freak. You need to know how to tune up you Nova? Get in touch with her. Biggest Sharika fan we have ever seen you will see her wiggling and dancing as soon as Shakira is mentioned. Can get sarcastic, so be careful. If you have a problem, she is one of those that will listen and help.

Nick: Deltaflyer
A/S/L: 21/male/Germany
Position: IRC Operator

He’s a nice and polite guy who loves radio and is always helpful. He’s the creator of the well known and frequently used Kickchat Gallery and manages it well. He’s interested in many things, from DJing to teasing others with movies they haven’t seen :PP. He also got a nice humor and if ever you need help, just ask 😉

Nick: Rocko
A/S/L: 21/male/Germany
Position: IRC Operator

Rocko is a nice and helpful person. Finally another sexy German in the staff. He knows who said that 😉 If you have problems and need support in German don’t hesitate to ask him.

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